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SearCZECH is a private-owned provider of business consulting services based in Prague. Our mission is to help businesses from all over the world and from all fields of activities to succeed with their projects in the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We focus specifically on conducting custom researches of business partners in order to connect our international clients with their most relevant Czech and Slovak counterparts, be they manufacturers, distributors, end customers or outsourcing suppliers. The philosophy of our work is based on the professionalism, efficiency, flexibility and individual approach. This combination enables us to handle any type of project and to always deliver expected results. We love to get things done!

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Your main concern is not to look for partners but to develop your core business. Utilising our expertise will give you a great boost for your activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our services include a full-package solution designed to deliver a fast, yet a comprehensive analysis of potential opportunities for your company, and to help you turn these opportunities into a real business. By getting our experience and knowledge of local specifics to work on your behalf, you will gain a high added value at a very reasonable cost. Once you can take profit of our professional guidance it does not make sense to waste your own time and money. The strategy of learning from your own mistakes will not push your business forward. We will!

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We may live in a globalised world of internet and advanced communication tools but finding the right business partners and starting new activities in a foreign market is the same difficult task as it has always been. This is one fundamental fact that I learned as a promoter of exports at a government ministry, as a consultant for international projects at chambers of commerce, and as a business owner myself. I felt the Czech and the Slovak market need a professional service that would enable companies from all around the world to find suitable manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or other business partners fast, in comfort and without excessive investments. SearCZECH is here to give you exactly such a service.

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